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This Project was a collaboration of creative minds between Aiden, a composer, and myself, a designer. This marriage of sound, texture, smell, scripture visual imagery and light, created an abstracted environment that grew from a shared interest of grottos and follies. To create a budget and environmentally friendly landscape a paper language was developed, adding ambiguity surrounding the form: is it an organic or man-made structure? The performance displayed the ruins of a grotto amongst evocative scents, soundscapes and characters producing an intriguing story celebrating nature and all its forms. 

Creative Team

Writer / Director:       Aiden Porter              

Costume:                   Aiden Porter 

                               Phoebe Smith 

Set:                          Phoebe Smith

Lighting:                   James Blakeman 

Scenics:                    Amy Lewis, Anna Averof,                                 Irene/Ye Kim, Alex Kay,                                   Alivia Ryder  


Production Photos and videos

Opening introduction to the space accompanied by an ambient soundscape 

Characters begin to explore and express their relationship with the space

The creature living amongst the grotto peels itself out of the darkness 

Characters play as others who interact with the Grotto become enchanted 

A moment of earthly delights as characters become completely indoctrinated 

A vingette capturing the combination of movement, sound, light and space

Research Images 



Intertitle Calligraphy 

Sketching out Ideas

Digital Drawings

Watch my drawing process as a way to sculpt the space

2nd Draft

1st Draft

3rd Draft

Building Process