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Flora, The red Menace 

The set design for Flora was created for an End on, Proscenium Arc performance that took place in the Richard Burton Theatre, Cardiff. The show was set in New York,1935 but embraced a modern sensibility. A story about a young woman encountering the cross roads between love and self preservation, in a time where communism was on the rise and the wall street crash ensured job opportunities for aspiring creatives were sparse.


Creative Team

Director:            Georgie Rankcom

Chorographer:   Annie Southall

Set:                   Phoebe Smith 

Costume:           Yuqi Lui

Lighting:            Sophie Moore

Scenic:              Jessie Musker, Amelia                                          O'Toole, Robyn Smart, Lily                                    Gardner  

Production Photos 

Research Imagery 

1930s USA

30's Female Abstractionists 

Sketching out ideas