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Puppetry Perspectives 

Creative Team 

Directors - Lucy Hall and Marc Parrett

Performers and Makers - Phoebe Smith, Irene/Ye Kim, Maisie Wolstenholme, Mikayla Teodoro, Ania Levy 

A devised lockdown Performance utilising the playfulness of puppetry while hoeing their power to express a meaningful message with lightness and humor. The piece address' themes surrounding community and how it can quickly turn to competition, emphasising the importance to embrace differences and forage connections.

Production Photos 

Devising Process 

Our stimuli was 'The Kitchen Table Series' by Carrie Mae Weems and we discussed themes the photography explored. We collectively agreed that a way to embrace a multitude of different cultures was by celebrating all the different types of bread.  




Lady Brioche 

Bread war Tanks

Personalised Flour bags