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In the forest of Starlight and shrapnel

The costume design for In The Forest of Starlight and Shrapnel was created for an End on performance that took place in the Bute studio theatre, Cardiff. The show was set in a dystopian, alternate reality of East London. This Phillip Ridley premier presnted a bombed landscape filled with traumatised civilians who are searching for new hope and experiencing abstract happenings. My designs offer a fabric landscape of natural materials, including: leather, cotton, linen. As well as, developing a hierarchy of costume breakdown to reflect each characters position in society.         


Creative Team

Writer:                   Phillip Ridley 

Director:                 Wiebke Green 

Costume:                Phoebe Smith 

Set:                        Alivia Ryder

Lighting:                  Toby Gray

Props:                     Eloise David 

Costume Assistant:   Theo Wyatt 

Production Photos 



Character Analysis 

Sketching out Ideas

Mood boards  

Costume Drawings