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Lady Neptune 

Delight in an evening spent devouring a delicious banquet, while the matriarch of the party, Lady Neptune, entertains her guests. Engage in the celebrations of her oceanic roots with the most divine interiors and food, prawn cake anyone? However, the host's dynasty has given her the audacity to play with the guest a little and when hysteria erupts as Lady Neptune looses her precious pearl earring, someone might end the dinner party with jelly in their face.

Designer and Maker - Emily Tyrer

Lady Neptune - Phoebe Smith  

Your Invitation... 

Design, Maker Emily Tyrer and her muse, Lady Neptune 

Production Photos 

Character Exploration 


Dame Edna Everage, a flamboyant character created by Barry Humphries to satires the concept of being a celebrity often mocking modern fashions and political leaders of the time.  


Portia Featherington, know as one of the most ambitious characters in Bridgerton, her ruthless and cunning attempts to find matches for her daughters express a total disregard for the other parties level of interest.  


Madame Thenardier, an exuberant, flirtatious woman that enjoys yelling and accumulating vast amounts of money and affluent objects

Phrases sprinkled throughout the evening...

oh dear cod! 

Thats Fin-tastic 

your such a catch 

How so-Fish-ticated 

I shrimply wont allow it

Phoebe Fern Designs

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